Maison de Martin

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wine    * Martin and Monique recently had a
    'romantique' dinner at the nearby Jardins
    de la Gare restaurant, within walking
    distance. After a wonderful classic French
    dinner, we walked home hand in hand
    under the moon and many stars. 


* Go for a walk all around village until you have found the following:
town square: stone sculpture of thinker, men playing boules, place to
hand wash your clothes (fountain), pedestrian path leading from square
past gardens and huge estate owned by the English, path ending at an ancient
cemetary (open for visitors). There are three naturally occuring fountains in or
around the village. A patissiere, bar with pool table and soccer pinball, beauty
salon, town library, elementary school, post office, pharmacy, doctor, dentist
and masseuse offices, tabac, soccer field, and a wine co-op are all in the village.

castillon inside

     * Walk to Castillon, the medieval village
    of stone perched on a hill (45 min). Follow
    the route that my house is on out of village.
    As you exit the village, watch for 
    crumbling house on left in vines. Keep 
    walking until you see the village. As 
   you approach the hill, watch for a pedestrian
    path straight up the hill to the village. 
Go to the cafe for tea. Find the four star restaurant. Check prices on posted 
menu. Find the gallerie above the post office. Buy picnic ingredients at town 
store. On the way back, descend the hill and watch for stone church set back 
in vineyards to the right. Keep on following footpaths past the church. Find 
spot for picnic. Circle back home to village of Vers