Maison de Martin

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Maison de Martin
16 route de Castillon

The village of Vers is 40 minutes by car from Avignon or Nimes.

To get here, you may fly direct to airports in Nimes (closest), or Avignon. If you are in Paris, go to Gare de Lyon and take the TGV train to Avignon TGV. You can rent a car at the Avignon TGV train station.
Driving from Avignon, follow the signs to NIMES until you see signs for Pont du Gard. Follow Pont du Gard signs to Pont du Gard Rive Gauche, then signs to VERS, one kilometer past the Pont du Gard. From the A-9 autoroute take the Remoulins exit, and follow signs to Pont du Gard Rive Gauche and Vers.

To use the bus to get here from Avignon, take a short bus ride to Avignon's other train station, the Gare Avignon SNCF. Find the main entrance to the station, and turn to the right as you exit. Keep going past the entrance to the Hotel Obis, down the escalator across the street to the bus station entrance. Look at the schedule on the wall to find when the bus to the Pont du Gard leaves (noon and 5pm) and from what platform to wait. Put your luggage in the side door of the bus and pay the driver when you get on. Your stop is the village of Vers, the next stop after the Pont du Gard stop, which is right after Remoulins. The bus journey is 30 minutes from Avignon.

vers map